BRC produces periodic newsletters that feature human rights issues and new trends. Each newsletter highlights a unique BRC public domain publication or video that is available in our library.

Newsletters share tools that increase self-determination, civic participation and leadership that promote informed decision making and advocacy.

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Read the first issue of the BRC newsletter

Issue #1 Newsletter

Call to Action (video)

CRPD Human Rights Forum, Sacramento, CA (video)

Living the Treaty (video)

Newsletter 2

Issue #2 Newsletter
Emergency Preparedness

Kecia Weller
Carol Risley
Lesleyanne Ezelle
Feeling Safe - Overview
Feeling Safe - Trainer
Sophia Evrard Booklet

Feeling Safe, Being Safe (video)


Newsletter 3

Issue #3 Newsletter
Kecia Story
Molly Story
Resource List
BRC-BRC Overview

Abuse of People with Disabilities: A silent Epidemic (video)

Read the fourth issue of the BRC newsletter

Issue #4 Newsletter
Project Hope

Visit Project Hope Website

Molly Kennedy's Story

Library Resources

Read the fifth issue of the BRC newsletter

Issue #5 Newsletter
Boards for All

Engaged Board Members

Facilitation: Purpose, Planning, Practice

Boardsmanship: Inclusive and Accessible

Empowering individuals to understand and engage